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Be a Wolf - Sessions is a movement to empower the disenfranchised and show them what’s possible.

Success can come from anyone

Our mission is simple. Empower the future leaders of our community. There are individuals who grew up thinking that they won’t amount much because of where they came from and their background. We think differently. There is strength in our past and we celebrate the unique traits that each person brings. We empower all the talent in South Auckland to see their true potential, dream higher, and achieve success whatever that looks like to them. As Dr. Seuss puts it, “You can’t judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree” but give that fish an ocean and watch it swim past the horizon. 

The Why!


We are only as strong as the weakest member of our community. We believe in empowering the youth with education, resources, advocacy, and love so that they can lift our community up and make it stronger. We win when they win. We are here to redefine the hood, and nothing is going to stop us.


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Feature Episode

Feb 6, 2023

I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Charlotte Bellis, a New Zealand journalist who is on a mission to give a voice to those who would otherwise go unheard.

She shared her upbringing, values & love for tennis that shaped her career, from starting in Christchurch to later reporting from Afghanistan. Her stories serve as a constant reminder of the importance of standing up for those without a voice, no matter how big or small the action may be. Charlotte’s commitment to making positive change through her work is an example for us all.

She believes in telling stories that create feeling and spark change in individuals. Through her work, she hopes to help empower those who have been marginalized or overlooked by society and bring about real, tangible change.

OCT 3, 2022


Jai Long Business Coach & Mentor, Award-Winning Photographer & 7-figure Serial Entrepreneur and Founder of Make Your Break’ Podcast Show.  

We touch over Jai’s upbringing, understanding his values, intentions, mindset and how he build a community and made his break through all of the industry challenges, struggles and change. 

Jai’s highlight Keynote: 

  • Believe System 
  • Success habits 
  • Skills required

Check out Jai’s Business Map: 

A 12-month online course for wedding photographers and videographers who want to take their Biz to the nextlevel


Sep 12, 2022


Most creative and successful people in all fields recognise the importance of asking incisive questions because they can lead to such powerful insights both about themselves and their environments.  

In this session we discuss a number of topics but the highlight is how Jackie explains why being able to talk to yourself & asking the right questions really matters in life. Jackie is a creative, comedian content creator & Muay-Thai fighter with a massive following on all platforms including over 260+ on TikTok. 

–  Why you are the chef of your life? 
–  Why having the right people around you really matters 
– The questions you should be asking yourself to prove the validity of your ideas

So whether you’re looking to leverage the power of questioning in learning, business or life this episode has you covered. 

Aug 22, 2022

Why history is shaped by people who take action.


This week we chat with Aaisha who is the creator & founder of a instagram page “Girmit Diaries”. On this page, Aaisha both discusses and provides education on Fiji’s indenture history.  I believe Aaisha is a very special human to possess the courage to run a page like this. 

This session dives deep in to understanding Aaisha’s mindset, personal upbringing and inspiration behind beginning this journey.